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Nitin Arora

Nitin’s journey began back in the year 1999. He started as an anchor and rose to become a master of ceremonies. From an anchor he stepped into Bollywood as an actor, and later went beyond the domain of entertainment. He became an entrepreneur, with the ideation of a company that revolves around entertainment. The idea that became Katalyst entertainment. With his clear vision he shaped the company and propelled it towards testing the limits of the entertainment business. His fellowship with artists, and perception of the cogs of entertainment led to Katalyst spreading roots deep and wide into the industry.

Chandan Ratra

Chandan is a precisionist. With his commitment to
bring forth the finest for entertainment, he has not only become the pillar of the company. He has become a pillar of the Indian wedding community. Along with his eye for detail, he has the drive to let no event be anything else but excellent. A true master of bespoke events with exceptional client relationships. He has what it takes to spearhead the wedding entertainment division as well as excelling in international talent booking.

Naveen Soni

An artist in his own right. Naveen is alike to being the balancing force of the company, bridging the gap between an artist and the company. With an eye for talent and forte in artist coordination. He is the face of the company when artist management to comes to mind. With his sheer dedication and ingenuity, he has outreached arts. From managing artists and their performance, to overseeing wedding celebrations, he has risen to handle movie productions.

Nikhil Mahajan

Nikhil can be described as a man of few words and fewer faults. As an individual he is ground to earth, with a stoic mindset. His dedication towards not only the growth of the company but the well-being of its members, makes him the backbone of the company. A veteran in logistics. From his reputation for handling most of the international events and his expertise in the corporate sector, he is the perfect individual for handling the corporate segment of the company, in extension with his grip on the wedding management segment.



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Similar to a family, here at Katalyst our members support each other. Strengthening the bonds that hold Katalyst together.Our members comprising of young minds and veterans, bring a fine balance between modernism and traditionalism. United by our pursuit for brilliance, we provide entertainment curation, international talent booking and branding strategy.

Prateek Ahuja
Vimal Rana
sanjay Mishra
neha saksena
Megha Purohit
Sahil Kumar
Sandeep Mahajan
varinder Thakur
Vicky ThAkur
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