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Management Services


The concept “artist management” has come to mean a variety of things over time. Katalyst Entertainment believes in taking this age-old concept and giving it a new dimension. We at Katalyst not only manage the artists in every aspect of their performances, but also create a package by managing to get the best artist options together and generating a unique experience that is tailor-made to suit the requirements of our clients. The vast gamut of artists that we cater for under this wing includes renowned Bollywood celebrities, Bollywood as well as international singers, entertainment bands, and livewire performers. Put in simple terms, the Katalyst acts as an artist facilitator and plans the entertainment for special occasions like engagements, weddings, as well as social and corporate events.


This wing of the Katalyst showcases the upcoming talent of our country. India being a land of great diversity offers a chance to explore the varied talents that reside in different corners of this nation. The artists that form the backbone of entertainment under this wing are renowned names the world over and have successfully created a mark for themselves. They are faces that have created a buzz and recognition for themselves in the entertainment world with the power of their talent. These include stand-up comedians, Reality TV artists, Masters of Ceremony, folk artists, and dance troupes. 


The arena of international entertainment is a large one with many smaller setups promoting themselves as providers of this kind of entertainment. We at the Katalyst, however, differ in our approach. We have the ability and means to customize international entertainment to suit the requirements of our clients – an initiative that has not been taken up by anyone else in this business so far. We tailor make entertainment packages that have innovative acts by international artists. If required we can also plan the evening’s entertainment by suggesting artists and acts appropriate for an occasion. 

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